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Screenshot Helper

Ver. 1.3.9


Screenshot Helper is a powerful screenshots toolkit for almost all platforms, all Unity render pipelines, and supports capture images in several ways including fullscreen capture, camera capture, cutout area, specific size, scale, and with/without UI. Fit for any project to create accurate screenshots in the runtime app or Unity editor.


We bring you concise, optimized APIs that work out of the box, and easy to integrate. The unified API lets you integrate once and works on all supported platforms!


New to Unity? Just don't want to modify your scripts, or just lazy? Don't worry! The CodelessScreenshotHelper extension is for you. Drag and drop the provided screenshot Prefab into your scene, even if the scene is already running in the editor. You are ready to capture images at any time you want!


The PLUS version enables the ability for adding watermarks with flexible settings, and natively save your images to Android Gallery/iOS Photos, and more...


Features (Free)

  • Capture full-screen image

  • Capture part of the screen(Custom rect region at any screen position)

  • Capture image using Unity camera, can scale the image size(0.1X – 4X)

  • Support Unity built-in render pipeline and all Scriptable Render Pipelines

  • Support Anti-Aliasing for camera capture methods

  • Support touch, including touch-to-capture example

  • Codeless screenshot extension for both runtime App and Editor

  • Capture and returns Texture2D, Sprite, or RenderTexture

  • Handy image display handler script for UGUI

  • Compatible with Pro GIF for saving texture(s) as GIF

  • All platforms



Features + (Plus)

The below features are included in Screenshot Helper Plus only:


Screenshot Helper Plus

  • Capture selected editor window/inspector tab (Shift+W)

  • Camera capture method: now supports transparency for object/texture/UI and camera background color. (Requires non-Skybox mode for the camera, set the camera BG color and alpha value to adjust the transparency effect, please save the texture to PNG)


Mobile Media Plugin

  • Save Image, Video, GIF to native gallery

  • Pick Image, Video, GIF from native gallery (single file picker)

  • Save Audio to the Music folder (Android Only)

  • Pick Audio from native folders (Android Only) (single file picker)

  • Get thumbnail and full-size image for Image, Video, and GIF

  • Save files to specific folder in the Gallery

  • Save files with specific filename

  • Options for picking file from Cloud drives (Android Only)

  • Options for picking GIF as a static image(first frame) or origin file

  • Check native storage permission and request permission

  • Prompt native Settings menu for changing permission

  • Handy external permission handler script and example

  • Detailed example scene included, ready-to-build for testing on devices

Demo scene included for showing how to pick/save image or video from/to mobile device gallery. Please find the Readme document and demo(MobileMediaTest.unity) in the MobileMedia folder.



Watermark Util

  • Add watermark texture on the screenshot

  • Add watermark texture on existing texture

  • Support transparency

  • Set watermark position

  • Watermark grayscale mode option

  • No need to place the watermark logo on UI

  • Flexible, easy, texture combine API, can be used independently


Editor Screenshot Helper

  • Capture any current selected editor window/tab using Hotkeys: Shift + W

Support Platform
- Unity 5 and newer.

- Screenshot features work on All Unity supported platforms. All render pipelines.

- Native plugin (MobileMedia) works on Android and iOS.

Screenshot Helper Plus

Documentation (v1.3.9)

Download/Purchase on the Asset Store: 

Touch to take image cut out from screen

Take image from camera(s) in the scene

Screenshot Helper
Screenshot Helper watermark utility
Codeless Screenshot Helper utility
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