Screenshot Helper

Ver. 1.3.2


Screenshot Helper is a useful package for taking screenshots in Unity game, application, or even in the Editor. It captures screen/camera images using several methods for different cases. Provides with the codeless editor extension for capturing images in the Editor at any time you want!

The concise API lets you integrate it into your script easily! Plus the powerful utilities such as the Watermark Util and the MobileMedia Plugin. Save your time for creating promotional materials, easily captures images for social sharing by the users themselves, promoting your applications and games much easier.


Features (Free)

  • Capture full-screen image.

  • Capture part of the screen(Custom rect region at any screen position).

  • Capture image using Unity camera, can scale the image size(0.1X – 4X).

  • Support Unity standard render pipeline and Scriptable Render Pipeline: URP/LWRP/HDRP

  • Support Anti-Aliasing for camera capture methods.

  • Support touch, including touch-to-capture example.

  • Code-less OnEditorScreenshot feature (for the Editor Play Mode).

  • Capture and returns Texture2D, Sprite, or RenderTexture.

  • Handy image display handler script for UGUI.

  • Compatible with Pro GIF for saving texture(s) as GIF.

  • Mobile friendly.



Features + (Plus)

The below features are included in Screenshot Helper Plus only:


Mobile Media Plugin

  • Save audio files to the Music folder on Android.

  • Pick audio files from native folders on Android.

  • Save image, video, GIF to native gallery(Android & iOS).

  • Pick image, video, GIF from native gallery(Android & iOS).

  • Check native storage permission and request permission.

  • Prompt native setting menu for changing permission.

  • Save files to any specific folder in the Gallery.

  • Supports save files with specific filename on Android and iOS.

  • Supports popup view or fullscreen view for selecting file on iOS.

  • Supports getting thumbnail and full-size image for Photo, Video, and GIF, on iOS.

  • Detailed example scene included, ready-to-build for testing on devices.


Demo scene included for showing how to pick/save image or video from/to mobile device gallery.

Please find the Readme document and demo scene (MobileMediaTest.unity) in the MobileMedia folder.

Watermark Util

  • Add watermark texture on screenshot

  • Add watermark texture on particular texture

  • Support transparency

  • Set watermark position

  • No need to place the watermark logo on UI

  • Flexible, easy, texture combine API, can be used independently



Support Platform
- Unity 5 and newer.

- Screenshot features work on All Unity supported platforms. All render pipelines.

- Native plugin (MobileMedia) works on Android and iOS.

ScreenshotHelper_KeyImage_Large_v3+ HD.p

Documentation (v1.3.2)

Download/Purchase on the Asset Store: 

Touch to take image cut out from screen

Take image from camera(s) in the scene