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Image Loader

Ver. 1.2.5


Load/Download image(s) with URL and local path using the same API.

Supports batch loading with Queue and Non-Queued loaders.

Provides powerful cache management features for caching your images in the memory and storage (In-Memory Cache & Storage Cache), speeds up the loading efficiency for cached images, and handles file naming, folders, time to keep and delete images, etc.

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  • Cache Features: In-Memory Cache & Storage Cache.

  • ImageLoader: load single image, support multiple instances for loading images.

  • ImageQueuedLoader: load multiple images with a single API, supports limiting the number of loaders, split loading process to avoid blocking the main thread when loading a large number of images.

  • ImageBatchLoader: wrapped the ImageLoader & ImageQueuedLoader for easily loading multiple images. Load multiple images with a single API.

  • Code-less ImageLoadToTargetHandler components are ready for drag and drop in the scene to load your images. Support load and display on UGUI Image, RawImage, and Renderers such as cube, plane, etc. (*Of course, by integrating our APIs in your codes, you can do sth more)

  • Load images from local(application paths), and by the image URLs from Web storage, using the same API.

  • Detect actual image Extension Name and MIME Type.

  • Easy, powerful image batch naming & cache management.

  • Flexible settings:

    • Retry option

    • Timeout option

    • Cache mode: NoCache, UseCached, Replace

    • Cache file limit per folder

    • Cache as per URL, or Cache using specific Filename/Sequence

    • Particular cache(Save & Load) directory and folder

    • Sequential file naming formats

    • Min. keep file time & file expire(max.) time

    • Auto-delete cached files when expired or exceed the limit per folder

  • Example scenes included.


Bonus Features

EasyIO Plugin: supports saving & loading image, text, class object, and file byte array on different platforms. Provides the ability for your app to write files in IndexedDB, so the cache management system can work correctly on WebGL.

Support Platform
- Unity5 and newer

- Supports Unity Editor, Mobile & Desktop platform, WebGL

Image Loader

Documentation (v1.2.5)


Download/Purchase on the Asset Store: 

Example scenes included:

Image Loader
Image Loader
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