Image Loader

Ver. 1.1.5


Load/Download image(s) with URL and local path using the same API.

Supports batch loading with Queue and Non-Queued loaders.

Provides powerful cache management feature for caching your images, and handles file naming, folders, time to keep and delete images, etc.



  • ImageLoader: load single image, support multiple instances for loading images.

  • ImageQueuedLoader: load multiple images with a single API, supports limiting the number of loaders, split loading process to avoid blocking the main thread when loading a large number of images.

  • ImageBatchLoader: wrapped the ImageLoader & ImageQueuedLoader for easily loading multiple images. Load multiple images with a single API.

  • Load image(s) from local(application paths), and load image(s) with Url(s) from web using the same API.

  • Detect actual image Extension Name and MIME Type.

  • Easy, powerful images naming & cache management.

  • Flexible settings:

    • Retry option

    • Timeout option

    • Cache mode: NoCache, UseCached, Replace

    • Cache file limit per folder

    • Cache as per URL, or Cache using specific Filename/Sequence

    • Particular cache(Save & Load) directory and folder

    • Sequential file naming formats

    • Min. keep file time & file expire(max.) time

    • Auto delete cached files when expired or exceed the limit per folder

  • Example scenes included.


Bonus Features
EasyIO Plugin: supports saving & loading text, class, and file byte array on different platforms. Adds the ability to write files in IndexedDB, so the cache management system can work correctly on WebGL.

Support Platform
- Unity5 and newer

- Supports Unity Editor, Mobile & Desktop platform, WebGL

Documentation (v1.1.5)


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Screenshots (Example scene included):