Mobile Media Plugin

Ver. 1.2.1

MobileMedia is a native plugin for Android and iOS platforms. Gives the abilities for your Unity application to save/pick media files like Image, Video, GIF and Audio to/from the device gallery.


This plugin provides simple, flexible C# (API) interfaces for rich native functions, clean and well-tested codes, easy to integrate.


  • Save Image, Video, GIF to native gallery.

  • Pick Image, Video, GIF from native gallery.

  • Save Audio to the Music folder (Android Only).

  • Pick Audio from native folders (Android Only).

  • Get thumbnail and full-size image for Image, Video, and GIF.

  • Save files to specific folder in the Gallery.

  • Save files with specific filename.

  • Options for picking files from Cloud drives (Android Only).

  • Options for picking GIF as a static image(first frame) or origin file.

  • Check native storage permission and request permission.

  • Prompt native setting menu for changing permission.

  • Detailed example scene included, ready-to-build for testing on devices.


Support Platform

- Works on Android & iOS. 

- Android 4.4 (API Level 19) or later for Android platform (Android 10 & 11 tested).

- iOS 8.0 or later for iOS platform (iOS 14 tested).

- Unity 5 and newer.


Documentation (v1.2.1)

>> Android Demo APK <<

Download/Purchase on the Asset Store: