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Known Issues

ProGIF / ProGIF Universal / ProGIF Recorder Toolkit

1. Recorder issue, about the transparent feature: 

(This issue is solved in ProGIF/Rec Toolkit v1.9.5, ProGIF Universal v1.1.5)

The border(s) form by the averaged color pixels appears during the graphics blit process(scale to target resolution during recording GIF or converting existing textures to GIF).

This is a common problem(quality degrading) in the image scaling process. It affects the visual quality a little bit more in the transparent GIFs, but can be ignored in non-transparent GIFs(similar to scaling the jpg/png images).

* The border just like a line(1 pixels width, the worst case) on the objects' edge. In some cases are some dots along the edge only. 
* If you are going to create transparent GIFs and care about the issue, the current workaround is using a background color that similar to your Characters/Objects' edge, or adding an outline to your Characters/Objects and use a background color that similar to the outline, so the averaged color pixels will become part of the Characters/Objects edge, outline.

Solved, update: 2020-10-09



Fixed  +ProGIF Extra setting and setup

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