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Play Camera (Android, iOS)

Find GIF, Make GIF, and more..

Available on Google Play and App Store.

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Take photos, search & add GIFs/Stickers, add Text, and decorations!
Drag the added items on the screen... 
Looks cool? Ok, save as GIFs, Photos...

This is a Camera...
- with more than 70 filter effects
- super fast and highly customizable GIF maker

- of course, you can take photos as well
- add filter effects
- add emoji GIFs
- add captions, (social network) phrases
- add shapes
- add another and more camera views
- add all the above items to your photos and GIFs

This is a GIF Library...
- find GIFs/Stickers 
- in the largest GIF search engine
- download and save your favorite GIFs
- save any frame of a GIF as JPG/PNG
- put any GIFs on the canvas and add something

This is a Color Picker...
- open the camera and pick a color in the real world
- save the picked color textures in the gallery
- find out the closest color that looks by the human eyes
- get the color RGB and Hex values

This is a QR code reader and generator...
- read QR code to text, and open the web page
- make QR code and Bar codes with your text
- add Icon on QR code

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v3.2 new

- Bugfixes

- UI and some minor improvements

- Security updates


- Many improvements:

  1. Performance improvement of GIF player (decoder)

  2. Improved GIF search method to increase search efficiency

  3. The interface is more Pro, simpler, and more intuitive

  4. Text editing tool functionality added

  5. The Rect editing tool greatly improved

  6. The interface works more smoothly

  7. Improved external media file picker

  8. All ads disabled

- Bugfixes


- Add QR code reader and creator

- Compatibility and performance improvements

- Bug fixes

v2.2 ~ 2.3

- Bugfix and performance improvements


- Brand new 2.0 evolution, better functionality and more stable!

- Combined the camera features, animated GIF library, search engine, GIF creation, and social sharing capabilities


- New GIF upload and social share features

- Stability and performance improvements

v1.50 ~ 1.54

- Gif player(decoder) performance and compatibility improvements

- Many improvements regarding different features, provide better user experiences

- Fixes.


- Adds 4 snowy day dynamic filter effects (Merry Christmas and Happy New Years 2019!!)

- Bugfix, free the memory for all on-screen items when removing, more stable

- Bugfix, bypass the on-screen items when swipe to switch filter effects



- Adds 'Say' toolbar, you can add text,  shape and import image(JPG, PNG, GIF) from your device, put them on the screen, and adjust color

- Adds 18 new beautiful filter effect

- You can generate real-time camera image as on-screen items to create special effects

- Better photo taking flow for applying mix filter effects and handle on-screen items better

- You can save the current photo multiple times in the preview state. Try to switch the filter effects and edit the on-screen items(text, image, GIF & shape etc.), and save as many times as you like!

- More GIF favorite list slots

- Many improvements



- Adds GIF Finder(GIF search engine and your GIFs manager)

- Adds social share feature, easy share GIF to multi social platforms and instant messaging apps

- You can add GIFs on the screen for taking photos or record gorgeous GIFs

- Provides 4 cool UI Themes

- Fixed incorrect photo preview ratio for some devices

- Faster camera reaction

- Many improvements and fixed all known bugs(Thanks for bug reports)!



- Upgrade the ProGIF decoder feature and performance! Boost the decode speed by up to 9 times



- Support switch On/switch Off filter effect before or after taking photo

- Support up to 2 filter effects at a time, one before taking photo, one during the preview stage

- Take photos/GIF without watermark

- Better photo quality and speed

- Silent camera shutter option

- Import GIF from your device. Edit, preview, and export to your device

- Import GIF as the background image of the Chroma Key feature

- Show GIF thumbnails (in-app browser)

- Some improvements



- Adds GIF Editor function, now you can change the GIF orientation and playback direction(forward/backward), and re-make the GIF
- Functional & UI improvements, and bug fixes



- New GIF recorder!

- New GIF player!

- New color sample picker!

- New feature - GIF Slideshow, take photos and save as GIF!

- Save GIF to your device gallery folder

- Save any GIF frame as Jpg/Png to your device gallery folder

- Many improvements


- Added exposure bias adjust function

- Added zoom function

- Added timer function for taking photo

- Added tap-to-Focus function

- Added filter effect button on the bottom slider bar, slide to quickly change filter effect, tap to turn On/Off filter effect
- Some improvements



- Enhanced GIF recording feature
- Added the option to discard or save gif during recording
- Improved UX

- Improved performance and save energy consumption



- Greatly improved user interface. Smarter design
- Deeply optimize performance and save energy

- Added GIF recording feature with social sharing
- Added 20 dynamic filter effects perfectly fit for taking still photo and GIF

- Support record GIF with all dynamic/still filter effects and chroma keying
- Support taking photos
with all filter effects and chroma keying

- Ads, you can choose to play Ads or not for using filter effects. It is totally Free!

- Support 3 languages: English(Default), Traditional Chinese, Simplify Chinese


- Tap to pick colors, pick colors in the environment
- Select color from the palette
- Show hex color code, show RGB values
- Chroma key
- Swipe to change filter effects

- Useful to use the torch in dark environment
- Take photos, with chroma key feature, and with filter effects

拍照、搜索和添加 GIF、添加文字和裝飾!
畫面看起來不錯? 好的,另存為 GIF、照片

- 多達70多種濾鏡效果
- 超快速且高度可定制的GIF製作器

- 當然,你也可以拍照
- 添加濾鏡效果
- 添加表情, 動圖(GIF), 貼紙
- 添加字幕,(社交網絡)短語
- 添加形狀
- 添加其他和更多的相機視圖
- 將以上所有東西添加到您的照片和GIF

- 查找GIF /貼紙
- 在最大的GIF搜索引擎中
- 下載並加最愛您喜歡的GIF
- 存取GIF的任何幀為JPG / PNG
- 在畫布上放置GIF並添加內容

- 打開相機並在現實世界中選擇顏色
- 保存剛拾取的顏色樣本圖到管理器
- 找出人眼看起來最接近的顏色
- 找出顏色的RGB和十六進制值

這是一個二維碼(QR code)閱讀器和生成器...
- 閱讀二維碼,解讀為文字,並打開網頁
- 輸入文字製作二維碼和條形碼
- 在二維碼上添加圖標



v3.2 new

- 修正了幾個程式臭蟲
- 介面改善了些許,還有一些肉眼未必見到的小改進(i.e. 程序碼)
- 安全性更新


- 多方面的改進:

  1. GIF播放器(解碼器)的性能改進

  2. GIF搜尋方式改善,增加搜尋效率

  3. 操作介面更Pro一點,更簡易直觀

  4. 文字編輯工具功能增加

  5. 矩形編輯工具大幅改善

  6. 介面運作更順滑一些

  7. 外部媒體檔案選擇器改善

  8. 停用了所有廣告

- 錯誤修復


- 增加二維碼(QR code)讀取及製作工具

- 兼容性及效能改進

- 錯誤修正

v2.2 ~ 2.3

- 錯誤修正及效能改進


- 全新2.0大進化,功能更豐富及穩定!

- 結合相機功能,GIF動圖庫,搜尋引擎,GIF創作及社交分享能力於一體


- 新外觀
- 新的GIF上傳和社交分享功能
- 穩定性和性能改進

v1.50 ~ 1.54

- Gif播放器(解碼器)的性能和兼容性改進

​- 針對不同功能的許多改進,提供更好的用戶體驗

- 問題修正


- 增加4個雪天動態濾鏡效果(聖誕,新年快樂2019 !!)

- 修正,移除屏幕項目時為釋放內存,更穩定

- 修正,在滑動以切換濾鏡效果時繞過屏幕上的項目

 - 添加“Say”工具欄,您可以從設備添加文本,形狀和導入圖像(JPG,PNG,GIF),將它們放在屏幕上,然後調整顏色
- 增加18個新的漂亮濾鏡效果
- 您可以生成實時攝像機圖像作為屏幕項目以創建特殊效果
- 更好的照片拍攝流程,以應用混合濾鏡效果和更好地處理屏幕上的項目
- 您可以在預覽狀態下多次保存當前照片。 嘗試切換濾鏡效果並編輯屏幕上的項目(文本,圖像,GIF和形狀等),並根據需要保存多次!
- 更多GIF收藏列表空間
- 許多改進


- 新增GIF搜尋器(GIF搜索引擎和您的GIF管理器)

- 新增社交平台分享功能,輕鬆分享GIF到多個社交平台和即時通訊應用程序

- 您可以在屏幕上添加GIF,並進行拍照或錄製動感十足的GIF

- 提供 4 個炫酷的介面主題

- 修復某些設備上照片預覽比例不正確

- 相機反應更快

- 許多改進 及 修復所有已知錯誤(感謝有關錯誤的回報)!


- 升級ProGIF解碼器功能和性能!將解碼速度提高最多9倍


- 支持在拍照前或拍攝後開/關濾鏡效果

- 一次最多支持2種濾鏡效果,一種是在拍照前,一種是在預覽階段設置,非常簡單就能混合兩種效果!

- 可以拍攝沒有浮水印的照片。 至於GIF,您可以選擇較小的圖像寬高比以避免浮水印

- 更好的照片質量和速度

- 無聲相機快門選項

- 從您的設備導入GIF。編輯,預覽並導出到您的設備

- 導入GIF作為色度鍵功能的背景圖像

- 顯示GIF縮略圖(應用內瀏覽器)

- 許多其他的改進

- 修正


- 添加GIF編輯器功能,現在您可以更改GIF方向和播放方向(前進/後退),然後重新製作GIF
- 功能和UI改進,以及錯誤修復
- 其他



- 新的GIF錄影機!

- 新的GIF播放器!

- 新的顏色樣本採擇器!

- 新功能 - GIF幻燈片,拍攝多張照片並保存為GIF!

- 保存GIF到您的裝置圖庫中

- 保存任何GIF影格到您的裝置圖庫中,可選格式Jpg/Png

- 許多其他改進

- 修復錯誤


- 添加曝光偏差調整功能

- 添加縮放變焦功能

- 添加拍攝照片的定時功能

- 添加點擊對焦功能

- 在底部滑動條上添加濾鏡效果按鈕,可透過滑動方式快速切換濾鏡效果,點擊打開/關閉濾鏡效果

- 其他改進



- 增強GIF錄製功能
- 在記錄期間添加丟棄或保存gif的選項
- 改進UX
- 提高性能並節省能源消耗

- 修正錯誤



- 極大地改善了用戶界面。 更智能的設計,與所有功能無縫集成
- 深度優化性能,節約能源消耗
- 添加GIF錄製功能與社交共享
- 添加20個動態濾鏡效果,非常適合拍攝靜態照片和GIF
- 可在錄製GIF時配搭所有動態/靜態濾鏡效果和色度鍵功能
- 可在拍攝照片時使用所有濾鏡效果和色度鍵功能
- 廣告,您可以選擇播放廣告 或 略過以使用所有濾鏡效果。 現在完全免費!

- 支持3種語言:英文(默認),繁體中文,簡體中文



- 點擊選擇顏色,在環境中挑選顏色
- 從調色板中選擇顏色
- 顯示16進制顏色代碼,顯示顏色的RGB值
- 色度鍵
- 滑動以更改濾鏡效果
- 在黑暗的環境中使用LED照明

- 可使用濾鏡效果配合色度鍵功能,進行拍攝照片


Hello, Play Camera ~ 

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Play Camera GIF maker
Play Camera GIF recorder
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