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Pro GIF / Universal

Ver. 2.0.3

Ver. 1.2.3

Pro GIF Universal is the most completed GIF library for Unity. Ultra-performance, handles all sorts of GIF files, and provides very efficient ways for the integration and management of GIF features for any indie and even commercial projects!


The Pro GIF Universal encoder and decoder are highly optimized and enhanced. Run in threads for better performance and support multiple instances. Our high-performance library lets you record and playback GIFs instantly, no more waiting!


All our codes and examples are carefully designed to provide a clean, easy-to-use package. The Unified APIs allow you to integrate once, run on all supported platforms. GIF has never been so easy with Pro GIF series!


More than 1 year's development, and constantly(over 5 years) update for new/unique features, and the best quality and performance! Up to 11 - 19 times faster decoder speed, and better image quality than the first release!

Top 10 scripting integration asset and No.1 GIF asset on the Unity Asset Store!




  • Record GIF/Convert still images to GIF(support transparent).

  • Record GIF with camera(s). 

  • Play GIF(support Transparent, Variable Frame Rate, Reverse & Ping-pong play mode).

  • Load GIF file from local-path/URL, decode, and playback. With option for saving file in local storage.

  • Rich settings: FPS, Duration, Quality, RepeatCount, Aspect Ratio, Resolution(support auto resize to fit any screen size), Transparent Color(for hiding a particular BG color).

  • Enable/Disable auto-detection of image transparent setting for recorder.

  • The encoding & decoding process runs in threads for better performance.



  • Advanced decode settings, allows setting how many frames to decode.

  • Multi-threaded encoder.

  • Ultra-low memory footprint, even for large number of gif frames.

  • Supports multiple GIF decode and playback.

  • Supports multiple GIF recorders with different cameras.

  • Convert JPG/PNG/Texture2D (List) to GIF.

  • Crop GIF (with a specific aspect ratio, e.g. 16:9, 3:2, 4:3, 1:1, etc.).

  • Rotate GIF (90, -90, 180 degrees).

  • Support save Reverse and Ping-pong play mode GIF.

  • Support adding and getting Comment-Extension(human readable metadata, e.g. image credit, description).

  • Easily get the GIF info: image size, frame count, fps, and the first frame texture.

  • Supports display gifs on Image, RawImage, Renderers(Meshes such as Cube, Plane, Sphere etc...), GuiTexture and any other material that support Texture2D, Sprite, or RenderTexture.

  • Easy to use GIF Manager: flexible API, auto memory management, battle-tested!


<Extra> ​

  • API helper classes for easily use the GIF API to access the worldʼs largest GIF library. Search for any kinds of GIFs you want!

  • Use your own GIF channels & API keys (Giphy).

  • Share on up-to 15 social platforms.

  • Optimized Json tool(Newtonsoft.Json), work on mobile & desktop.

  • The codeless Pro GIF recorder (editor extension) for recording GIF in both the Editor play mode and runtime App, without modifying your code, just drag and drop the script/prefab to your scene.

  • Some more useful stuff.

  • GIF libraries full source code.

Support Platform

 - Unity5 and newer versions, Pro/Plus & Personal

 - Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux, Unity Editor

 - All types of Unity render pipelines: Built-in, URP, LWRP, HDRP!!!

* Known Issues

(v2.0.3)  (Universal v1.2.3)



* Pro GIF package offers the ultra performant libraries for recording, encoding, decoding, and playing GIFs. It is a complete GIF solution for your indie and even commercial projects, with a relatively affordable price at 119 USD (Suggested commercial price: 199 USD). Consider an upgrade to Pro GIF Universal (299 USD) for the best decoder/player library we have and support our developments. All upgrade money is fed back to our product developments, ensure that we can continue to update, and support our products and customers over time.

Download/Buy on the Asset Store: 

Pro GIF Universal's new decoder(V3) further boosts the decode speed by around 50% faster than Pro GIF(decoder V2). Fully supports interlaced GIFs, compatible with more GIFs on the Internet.

Decoder speed (single-thread):

V1 Decoder (ProGIF v1.0-1.4.x) = 100%

V2 Decoder (ProGIF v1.5-Current) = 1100%

V3 Decoder (ProGIF Universal) = 1500%~1900% (Up to 1900% for some GIFs)


* The V3 decoder supports multi-threads, it could easily further double, triple the speed, and even faster when decoding multiple GIFs.

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Top 10 scripting integration! (2018)

No.1 GIF asset on the Unity Asset Store!

Pro GIF - The best GIF tools for Unity


The Ultimate GIF playback and recording solutions,

Pro GIF Advanced Recorder & Decoder, highly customizable settings.

Super fast, multi-threaded encoder


Multi-threaded decoder (UNIVERSAL version)

Super fast decoder, great in performance and compatibility. Decode GIF similar to Chrome, Firefox browser, etc. Plus great functionality provides the best flexibility for handling GIFs.

Ultra-low playback memory footprint. Even for a large number of gif frames decoded and stored in the memory.

Decoder Version 2 and Version 3. Up to 19 times faster than V1! Or even faster as it is further optimized in our continuous updates.

(Decoder speed: ProGIF V1=100%, ProGIF V2=1100%, Universal V3=1500%~1900%)

Supports interlaced GIFs.

For any indie and commercial projects.

Did you know?

GIF users keep increasing since GIF was born, especially in recent years. In 2021, the number dramatically increased! People view, share, create, and monetize with GIF assets, on social networks, in apps, games, digital markets, NFT crypto-currencies... These little animated images bring us so much fun everywhere on the Internet.

Pro GIF - Download GIF, Decode GIF to sprites and Playback

Pro GIF - Support Transparency

Complete Giphy API - Social Share

Complete Giphy API - All public APIs

Convert images(JPG/PNG) to Textures to GIF

Pro GIF | The best GIF tools for Unity

Giphy API + Multiple Gif Players (Decode)

Pro GIF | The best GIF tools for Unity

Download multiple GIFs, decode, and playback.

The GIF Managers handle clean up of memory automatically.

Pro GIF | The best GIF tools for Unity

Display animated GIF on mesh renderers (Plane, Cube, Sphere, etc.)

Pro GIF | The best GIF tools for Unity


Easily record GIF in the Editor, play mode:

Record the development screens at any time! Codeless, just drag the prefab to your scene to record your game and save as GIF. Save time! Promote your game on the social platforms with GIF replay start from now!

Pro GIF | The best GIF tools for Unity

Record GIFs with transparency background, you can select a color to hide in the GIF.

Pro GIF | The best GIF tools for Unity
Pro GIF | The best GIF tools for Unity

Convert textures/still images to GIF, support auto-detect the alpha value of input image(s)​

Pro GIF | The best GIF tools for Unity

Already have Pro GIF? Upgrade to the UNIVERSAL version without changing your current code (both versions have the same set of API). You will get even better decode speed, and even better compatibility to GIFs on the Internet, without further effort!
Decode Speed : Pro GIF 1100%, Universal 1500%~1900% (>2500% for multiple GIFs depends on thread count)
Compatibility : Pro GIF ~99.8%, Universal ~99.99%

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