Pro GIF Update History


- Improves the editor GIF recorder feature, now supports both in the Editor and runtime App. Rename it to ColdelessProGifRecorder and add some more useful functions and dynamic parameters for flexible setup in the scene.
- Scriptable Render Pipeline: The recorder will no longer force reset the camera ViewportRect width & height to 1.

- Adds a script(ProGifPlayerHandler) for setting up player targets for codeless playing GIFs(with a new demo scene included: ProGifDemo_3DSceneUGUI).
- Adds a new PlayerComponent(ProGifPlayerTexture2D) that without UI/Renderer target, which only returns the current played Texture2D for handling by yourself.
- Avoids unnecessary resources unload process, thus leave the main thread smoother.
- Decoder bugfixes.

- Improves the recorder component to create better transparent GIFs, provides a new demo scene(ProGifDemo_TransparentSetupExample).
- Updates MobileMedia Plugin to support iOS 14 and newer by adding new permission handling method and new media picker. Plus some fixes & improvements for both Android and iOS.

- MobileMedia Plugin updates: 
workaround for the storage permission issue on Android10.

- Updates MobileMediaPlugin to v1.1.8.
- Minor fixes.

- Recorder: Fixes an issue that transparent background color not completely removed on the edge of non-transparent pixels. Yet, some dots or the border that causes during texture scaling may still appear(transparent GIF only).
- Fixes some issues about the OnEditorGifRecorder editor tools, adds hotkeys, and OnGUI control panel for recording GIF.

- Recorder transparent feature bug fixes and improvements (stable and better function).
- Backward compatible with .NET version below 4.x. Now supports .NET 2.0/Subset, 3.5, 4.0 and newer versions.

- Encoder now supports multithreading which greatly increases the encoding speed on platforms that support multithreading.

- Fixes a build error in the Mobile Media Plugin demo script, when building desktop apps.
- Fixes the "inconsistent line endings" warning in some scripts.

- Adds a variable (float: playbackSpeed) for controlling the gif player playback speed at runtime.
- Adds a default interval to prevent using the incorrectly set delay time when playing some GIFs (a rare issue found in some GIFs on the Internet).

- Fixes a bug regarding the incorrect playback speed when the GIF player GameObject is back from in-active state.
- Fixes a problem that the GIF player playback speed is slightly delayed each frame.
- Updates Mobile Media Plugin to v1.1.6.

- Adds a better solution for Reverse mode and Ping-pong mode GIF creation.
- Adds faster APIs for getting GIF spec info(frame count, fps, resolution, etc.), without decode any GIF frame.
- Handles the deprecated/obsolete APIs for different Unity versions. 
- Fixes the bug happens in the GIF player component when the ignoreTimeScale mode is enabled.
- Giphy example improvements.
- Updates the Json Tool And API Helpers package.
- Updates the MobileMedia Plugin.
- Some other improvements.

- Supports Scriptable Render Pipeline (LWRP/HDRP). Please refer to the Readme document Part 2 > Setup for Scriptable Render Pipeline (SRP): LWRP/HDRP
- Improves the OnEditorGifRecorder GIF screenshot feature.
- Some fixes.

- Supports play GIF files on WebGL IndexDB(Application.persistentDataPath).
- Improves the instant preview flow, smoother and faster for previewing the newly created gif.
- Improves gif managers.
- Improves example scenes.
- Minor bugfix.

We are so excited to bring the v1.8.0 version to you with a better decoder like the one in Chrome, Firefox browser, etc:
- Supports decode more gif files! (such as,,
- Decoder performance, compatibility, and quality improvements!
- Provides the option for the Gif Player to ignore the time scale in the gameplay.

- Adds more parameters for the Texture-to-GIF converter (ProGifTexturesToGIF), better functionality and quality.
- Fixes an error caused by incorrectly set frame size in some rare GIF.
- Fixes an error during getting the comment data in some rare GIF.
- Able to skip optional GIF extensions, better compatibility (see the Readme file Part (2) Reminders, Setup & Requirement > Skip Optional GIF Extension)

- Fixes a decoder error (in some rare cases the decoder thread may stop accidentally).
- Auto reset the callbacks in the Clear method before playing a new gif.
- Changes the fps parameter type from int to float.
- Improves the demo scenes.
- Some minor bugfix.

- Fixes incorrect recording duration when a non-integer number is used for the duration parameter.
- Adds a define symbol(PRO_GIF_GUITEXTURE) for GUITexture(obsolete), from now the GUITexture related code will be hidden by default. If you still need these components, just insert the PRO_GIF_GUITEXTURE define symbol in PlayerSettings > Scripting Define Symbols.
- Prevent a bug that may be caused by incorrectly stored nextFrameTime value in the gif player prefab.
- Some other improvements.
- Updates the native plugins.
- Updates the common scripts to latest.

- Fixes a bug at calculating gif image size when using landscape device orientation.

- Improves the OnEditorRecorder feature, by adding more hints in the prefab inspector. And, adds a boolean flag for enabling AutoSave when the recorder stored enough frames.
- Adds Ping-Pong play mode.
- Adds a method to Reverse the player gif textures (Rewind).
(Try them in the updated scenes: ProGifDemo_Panels_ShowUI / ProGifDemo_Panels_HideUI)

- Fixed a decoder issue that may happen in some GIFs (with transparent background).
- Updated the animation tweening scripts in the Common folder.

- Introduce an essential ProGIF playback solution that greatly optimizes the memory usage for gif decoder & player. Say goodbye to the out-of-memory issue that usually found in general gif decoder & player.
- Improve the GIF player texture display quality.
- Minor bugfix & other improvements.

- Decoder performance improvement!

- Also put the decoding process in thread, support run in background.
- Added FramePickingMethod for decoder, more decode options suit for gif preview purpose.
- Removed the old decoder option(For easier maintenance and do not include unnecessary scripts in the build).
- Added more useful API/parameters in the GIF Managers.

- Updated the gif upload api.
- Decoder(Player) supports variable frame rate.
- Added the ability to preview the recording gif (added examples in ProGifDemo_Panels_HideUI / ShowUI scenes)
- Fixed the define symbol error.

- Improvements & minor bugfix.

- Add Mobile Media Plugin for saving and picking images(including animated GIF) from Android Gallery and iOS Photos, and more.
- Add demo scene for MMPlugin + ProGIF
- Add support for making GIF transparent background(you can specify a color for hiding in the GIF) 
- Can select to enable the auto-detection of the transparent pixels, for imported images
- Decoder bugfix
- Others

- Add more API helper classes
- Add ImageRotator for rotating GIF textures before save
- Add a frame delay parameter that can use to override the FPS. Support setting frame delay greater than 1 seconds
- Some enhancements, improvements, and minor bugfix

- Better support for playing the newly recorded gif with the crop ratio.
- Fixed a build error with editor script.
- Minor fixes & improvements.

- Added ProGif decoder class, supports multiple gif decode and playback. 
- The new decoder boosts the decoding performance more than 40% faster than the old one.
- Added advanced decode setting, allows setting how many frames to decode.
- Added OnEditorGifRecorder for recording gif in the Editor play mode.
- Display gif with UI Image(s)
- Display gif with Renderer(s), i.e. cube, sphere, capsule, cylinder, quad, complex mesh...
- Some more stuff. 

- Add the feature to convert JPG/PNG/Texture2D (List) to GIF.
- Add the feature to record GIFs with multiple cameras using different gif settings. 
- Add demo scenes for the new features
- Minor fixes and improvements

- Add a demo scene to show how to record gif with specify camera.
- Enhance the demo scenes to support different screen sizes
- Upgrade the Json tool, add link.xml file
- Fixed a warning, that RenderTexture color surface has not discard before Graphics.Blit in OnRenderImage method of ProGifRecorderComponent.
- Removed some unused code to avoid error.
- Minor fixes.

v1.0.1 - 1.3.1

- Skipped


- First release.