Pro GIF Summer 2021


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Happy Share & Save more Together this Summer

Thank you for choosing Pro GIF, a complete GIF solution for your project.
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Finally, the Pro GIF Universal upgrade plan will begin on 15th July 2021:

Upgrade to Universal version from Pro GIF
40OFF   save 80USD
Jul - 15th Aug 2021  Upgrade Now

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Pro GIF is confirmed joining the Unity summer sales 2021! (Ended on 5th July) 
This is the best time to pick Pro GIF or Pro GIF Universal for your project or add more licenses for your team.

Already have Pro GIF? Thank you! We will offer a big discount for upgrading your Pro GIF to the Universal license at
40% (confirmed) of the origin upgrade price ($200). Share the good news with your developer friends right now! Save together!

While, if you have a Pro GIF / Universal license, send us the invoice to join the lucky draw before the end of July!

Lucky Draw (ends 31st July 2021)
We are offering 33 licenses of our assets for the lucky draw.
    - 3 Pro GIF Universal ($200/$299)
    - 6 Pro TexturePlayer ($50)
    - 8 Advanced Color Picker ($30) 
    - 8 Screenshot Helper Plus ($20)
    - 8 Image Loader ($10)

* Important: Attach the Pro GIF / Universal invoice in the email for winning the Pro GIF Universal upgrade plan/voucher. (You can redeem the asset with the voucher code, using any Unity account)

Lucky Draw Results:
Winners will be notified by email.

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