Video : A complete video playback solution - AVPro Video

AVPro Video is a complete video playback system for multi-platforms.

Features: • Versions for iOS, OS X, tvOS, Android, WebGL, Windows, Windows Phone, UWP • One API for video playback on all supported platforms • No setup required, it all just works • 8K video (on supported hardware) • VR support (mono and stereo) • Transparency support • Subtitle support • Fast and flexible video playback • Unity Pro 4.7 - 5.x supported • In-editor playback for Windows and Mac • Free watermarked trial version available • Fast native GPU texture updates • Graceful fallback in editor • Components for IMGUI, uGUI and NGUI • Over 64 PlayMaker actions included • Easy to use drag and drop components

Find out more on the Asset Store.

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