Mobile : Some Cross platform native plugins to save your time

If you are making mobile game/app for Android and iOS. The packages here I am going to introduce could be very essential. Since they can save you much time on making and testing the stuff those not related to your game contents.

Don't waste your time!

Why not just put all your efforts into creating an amazing gameplay?

So, let me introduce the Ultimate Mobile and and the Cross Platform Native Plugins to you. Ah, I have both packages. I can't say which one is better. Both of them provides nearly all native features I need.

However, both of them have some unique features. Like that CPNP has Webview and Cloud Services while UM doesn't have. UM has Google Analytics and Mobile Ads but CPNP doesn't provided. Is it a reason for buying both packages, or do it yourself?

Enjoy creating good games!

#Mobile #Unity3D

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