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Wanna create professional quality animation for your game? Let me introduce Caronte FX to you.

Caronte FX is a highly integrated physically based animation tool Editor Extension for Unity. It aims at providing the necessary tools to create high quality off-line cinematics that can be played later during the game.

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CaronteFX is developed by Next Limit Technologies, developers of simulation technology software that has been successfully used to create animations for film, advertising, video games, and more.

Video show cases:

Core Technology •High physical accuracy. •High quality collision detection and contact response (convex and concave geometry support). •Outstanding quality and stability for plier or stacking simulations. •Robust soft body simulation. Plastic deformation, ability to convert low resolution mesh kinematics to high resolution. •Versatile joints that can connect any kind of body: rigid/rigid, rigid/soft, rigid/static, rigid/animated, rigid/fabrics, etc. Breaking behavior and plastic deformation. Automatic modes for joint creation. Kinematic animated GameObjects support. •Excellent quality/speed ratio. Quality settings can be adjusted by user depending on the time available. CaronteFX Editor •Create physics scenes inside Unity with a custom physics scene editor. •Organize the different physics elements of a simulation in a custom hierarchy panel. •Configure rigid bodies, soft bodies, fabrics, servos and joints. •Save simulations as baked animation clip files. •Save physics scenes as custom GameObjects that can be edited later. •Create prefabs of simulated objects. •Apply a physics scene to distinct Unity scenes using floating, independent GameObjects names. •Replay simulations in the editor before converting them to animations. •Actions: Triggers, substitutions, and synchronized particles or sound emissions when contact occurs. Fracture and Mesh Tools •Tools to fracture GameObjects in the editor. •Highly customizable fracturing options (Voronoi uniform, steered geometry, radial modes and more). •The fracture tool keeps the shape of the original meshes well preserved in the fractured pieces. •Can fracture multiple GameObjects as if they were one, using a global pattern option. •Welder that can merge multiple objects (removing internal faces). Daemon Nodes •Define explosions, wind and other custom forces in the physics scenes. Joints and Servos Nodes •Automated creation of joints between bodies using multiple criteria. •Custom break conditions, joint plasticity, disable collision, etc. •Angular and linear servos

Enjoy making animation!

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