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JSON Tool And API Helpers

Ver. 1.1.4


This package provides the Newtonsoft.JSON plugin that works on mobile(Android, iOS) and desktop(PC, Mac, Linux). An essential and high-performance tool for handling JSON data between client and server. Optimized for smaller package size, better performance and compatible with Unity environment.

One another point that worthy of your attention... is that our JSON plugin (DLL) supports running on multi-platforms without separating DLL files for the platforms. Just one file, for all supported platforms!


Plus API helper classes for using some popular, valuable 3rd-party services, such as Weather API, Time Zone API, and Giphy API. These helper classes (or manager), are carefully designed, work out of the box, would be very helpful for creating related features in your app, as well as for learning purposes! Detailed examples included.



Newtonsoft Json .NET, is a standard JSON library in .NET ecosystem. Lightweight, high performance, easy to use, and it is free for commercial use. So, why you should use this package instead of the origin package? Because this JSON package is further optimized for smaller file size, added support for AOT environment like iOS(as well as Xbox, PS, Switch*), and workaround for the differences between Microsoft.NET & Unity3D Mono .NET. Work on Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux, and Unity Editor.


* The included JSON library theoretically works on console platforms, but we may not test on all of these platforms as much more resources required for those testings. If you have a result of using this JSON library on Xbox, PS, Switch, or any else platforms, welcome to contact us (we just want to confirm that), and we will be happy to give you some special offers on our other assets.


API Helpers

(1) Weather & TimeZone API - Allows you to access current, past and future weather data for use in your apps. Including time zone, local weather, ski and mountain weather and marine, sailing, surfing and astronomy data.

WorldWeatherOnline docs :


(2) GIF API - With our GIF helper classes, you can easily call the GIF APIs and receive response in Json format. Includes Upload API, GIF APIs, and GIF Sticker APIs. Fully customizable (limit, offset, rating, language and so many other parameters).

GIPHY docs :


Support Platform

Unity Editor, Android, iOS, Windows, Mac, Linux

Unity 5 and newer


Documentation (v1.1.4)


Download/Buy on the Asset Store: 

Video demonstrations:


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