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Top 10 scripting integration & No.1 GIF asset (Unity Asset Store 2018)

Pro GIF is a mega-package of GIF. Targeting to deal with every need for GIF image processing. Our encoder and decoder are highly optimized and enhanced. Run in threads for better performance and support multiple instances. Faster, powerful, flexible and highly customizable. Easy to use with concise APIs and powerful tools! Start to create amazing GIFs in your apps, games and Unity editor! It is one of the essential tools for any kind of projects, social sharing, in-app chatroom, user profile icon, or other GIF features you can think up, as GIF is so popular nowadays!

Advanced Color Picker

Meticulously designed, easy-to-use color pickers with UI and UI handling scripts in one package. Enables your application to pick colors in several ways. Highly customizable settings, support multiple color pickers. Mobile friendly, and also suitable for desktop applications.

Game GIF

Game GIF is a lite version of Pro GIF. This package provides the features to record animated GIFs, preview the GIF immediately, and share the GIF. Easily record GIF in your apps, games and Unity editor, promo your works using GIF. It has never been so easy!

Json Tool And API Helpers

This package provides the Newtonsoft Json that work on mobile(Android, iOS) and desktop(PC, Mac, Linux). Which is an essential tool for exchanging data between client side and server side. Well coded and easy to use API helper classes provided, as a good starting point for related features for your app.

Screenshot Helper Plus/Free

Screenshot Helper is a useful package for taking screenshots in Unity game, application, or even in the Editor. It captures screen/camera images using several methods for different cases. Provides with the codeless editor extension for capturing images in the Editor at any time you want! And the concise API lets you integrate it into your script easily! Plus the powerful utilities such as the Watermark Util and the Mobile Media Plugin. Save your time for creating promotional materials, easily captures images for social sharing by the users themselves, promoting your applications and games much easier.

Get the FREE version with most/full screenshot features of the pay asset now! Purchase the full version for more amazing features!

Mobile Media Plugin

Access the Android & iOS gallery for saving media files(image, video, gif).

Also with media file picker for importing file to your Unity application.‚Äč 

Concise, flexible API, well-tested codes, easy to integrate. Very simple setup.

Image Loader

Load/Batch load images from the local storage.
Download/Batch download images with URLs from the Web storage. 
Use the same API for loading local and web images. Plus the cache management features.
Easy, clean, flexible API!

Pro TexturePlayer

The Pro TexturePlayer provides a powerful image loader and image player tools for your professional apps/games. Easily loading & displaying image/image sequence in your apps/games. Deliver attractive images of your events. Increase users' interest and participation. More intuitive than text-message.

Easy, clean, flexible API!

Pro Project

Resources Management Toolkit

Pro Project is a super easy to use and convenient resources management toolkit for Unity project. It simplifies the process of managing your Unity project resources: Audio, Prefab, and Texture. Manage your resources with dedicated editor extensions. Create and use at runtime with dedicated managers. Its intuitive inspector interface allows you to manage your resources in drag and drop manner. Easily references your resources into the resources manager by categories. The flexible, easy to use API allows you to instantiate your resources at runtime. Everything can be called to the scene just with a single line of code!

Provides the best
Simplifies your development

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